Cross-country Skiing at the Swedish Ski Club

Our Equipment

SSC maintains a supply of X/C skis, boots and poles orderly stored in designated places in the garage / wax room. Members and their guests may use all SSC X/C ski equipment and waxes free of charge against a promise of putting all used equipment back in its designated place.

Skis can be found from small children's sizes (age 5) to large adult sizes (210 cm). There are modern plastic compound skis, or more old fashioned wooden back country skis. All SSC skis can be found orderly stored in the wax room, marked with yellow paoint on tops and back tips.

Boots come in two binding standards: Solomon II (SNS) or Rotefella (old-fashioned, mostly for the wooden skis). There are usually two pair of boots per size and binding type, in small children's sizes (33) TO LARGE ADULT SIZES (47). all boots are stored orderly on the shelves in the wax room, and are marked with yellow paint on the heels.

Poles of all sizes can be found on a hanging rack in the garage - mostly unmarked. Our Trails

Our XC trails are maintained by club members every year at the annual Trail Clearing Weekend, held in the fall. Please take a copy of our trail maps with you when you go.

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