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Important Dates to Remember:
  • Renewal Dues for June 1,  - May 31, are Due by November 30,
  • Penalty for renewal after November 30: $50
  • Failure to pay by December 31: Your membership will be revoked!
Membership in the SSC is renewed annually by filling out the form at the right, and following the link provided upon submission to pay your dues online. All membership renewals should be paid online - please do not send checks for membership renewals! Dues must be paid before any reservations can be made at Skibo. Dues for new members and reinstated members will be prorated according to when they are paid. We will send you a online bill. Please see our joining page for more details. Some members are reporting that they are having problems renewing their membership. We are working on it but if you are having problems please visit this website and click on "Membership fees"

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