Book A Room


You can start making reservations for the 2015/2016 season beginning on October 7. Reservation rules are as follows:

—Annual dues must be paid prior to making reservations.
—Prior to Jan 1, members can only make 3 reservations for the ski season. That way no one monopolizes all the rooms in one fell swoop.
—After Jan 1, there is unlimited booking.
—During the Christmas break and Spring/Feb break, guests rooms can not be booked more than two weeks in advance.
—Weekend bookings during ski season have a TWO night minimum.
—The following weekends are club race weekends and rooms are reserved for racers ONLY.
—If you are using a room credit, please make the reservation request via email to
—If you have any questions with the reservation system, please send a note to Stephanie Morrison at

Please note: One night bookings on weekends will be cancelled and the member will be refunded. The exception is if a room is still open within 5 days of your stay (ie. on Monday) then you can then reserve either that Friday or Saturday night.

We are using a third party booking system for your connivance. Please go to the link below to reserve your room. Enjoy your stay.

I want to reserve my room now. Please find the resevation sheet here Reservationsheet look up