Welcome to Skibo!

As a guest we welcome you to a great time at our lodge, called Skibo. Skibo is a private lodging facility and not a hotel, so all members and their guests are asked to share equally in the housekeeping responsibilities. Below is a quick reminder of some of the member, guests and Host Family responsibilities. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Reservations Manager at Your reservation will be listed on the sheet on the bulletin board in the front hall/mudroom of the lodge. Boots are placed on the shelf in the entry hall. Skis and snowboards can be stored in the garage. Each room is individually heated and has a thermostat. When you leave your room, please lower the temperature, as it heats up quickly when needed. Skibo has a fully functioning kitchen. Please mark all your food items and discard them or take them home when you leave. Items marked with "SSC" can be used by anybody. House supplies, such as coffee, tea, toilet paper, paper towel, salt and pepper, etc  are generally available. If these supplies are running low, please email your Reservations Manager. For your enjoyment Skibo has cross-country equipment (boots, skis and poles) available to borrow at no cost. As we don't have a daily housekeeper, it is essential that everybody helps out. The following is a list of guest responsibilities:
  • Keep the door to your room closed. This is a fire regulation.
  • Vacuum your room including under the beds .
  • Remove toys and magazines and any junk left in the room.
  • Vacuum the common area.
  • Empty the waste container in your room and bathroom.
  • Wash dishes, empty dishwasher, remove dishes from drying racks.
  • Host and/or last person out please make sure to tie off the plastic bag in the kitchen garbage barrels, remove to the garbage locker out side, turn off the oven
Weekend schedule: 5 PM Women's sauna. 6 PM Men's sauna. The last person leaving the sauna is responsible for draining the water. See instructions. 7 PM Cocktail hour with your own drinks. Bring an appetizer to share. 8 PM Saturday: Sit down dinner, when arranged by the weekend's guests. Bring your own dinner drinks. For more information, please see the blue binder at the desk in the dining room.  

Following are the House Rules of Skibo:

  • Kitchen facilitiesshould be left clean after every meal, and the dishwasher should be emptied when finished.Please turn down the individual room thermostats to 45°F when leaving in the morning, and turn them back up again when you return in the afternoon. This does not apply for room 10, 11, 12: Please follow the posted instructions in those rooms. When leaving for home, turn thermostats OFF during April-Oct. and to 40°F during Nov.-March The Lodge is equipped with garden furniture and a pool. The cushions for the furniture are stored in the pool house. The pool is maintained by the caretaker. The water circulation is regulated by a timer, and only some skimming is required by the guests. USE OF POOL: It is understood that anybody, member or guest, who uses the Pool, does so at his or her own risk and that such person shall have no claim against The Swedish Ski Club, its directors, officers or agents for injury of any nature, suffered by such person while using the Pool, even if such injury is caused by the negligence of the Club, its directors or agents. When not in use, the gas grill should be stored in the garage or under the rear porch. During the winter, it will be stored in the garage. Breakage and destruction of furniture/equipment has to be paid for by the individual(s) responsible for such acts or, when applicable, by the parent(s) of the individual(s) in question. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 is not permitted at the lodge. Smoking is permitted only on the porches. There shall be no smoking inside the lodge. The lodge telephone is located on the dining room desk. You must use your own phone to make long distance calls. If it becomes necessary to light fires simultaneously in the living room fireplace and the dining room stove, please close the doors between the living room and the kitchen as well as between the kitchen and the dining room. Failure to do this, will cause the stove to blow smoke into the dining room because of the draft created by the fire in the living room fireplace. The last person up at night should check the fireplace and the dining room stove, and close the fireplace glass doors (use the bolt on the right upper corner of the right glass door). In case of power failure, which may last up to a couple of hours in Vermont, the lights will go out, and all electrically powered equipment, incl. the WATER PUMP, will cease to operate. Emergency lights, which are battery powered and strategically located in the building, will come on automatically. Please refer to instructions for this emergency under headline Power Failure. Most members prefer getting a full night's sleep. Please respect this human need. Since the lodge is less than "soundproof", even small talk after a happy evening should be avoided. By midnight, everything should be quiet. All parents are responsible for the conduct, safety and supervision of their children. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR MINORS It is understood that members, who bring to the lodge minors, defined as persons aged 17 or younger, their own guests, assume full responsibility for any injury, including death, such minors may suffer while on the lodge property, including, but not by way of limitation, in connection with use of the pool. Neither The Swedish Ski Club, nor its directors, officers or agents shall have any liability for any such injuries, even if caused by the negligence of the Club or its directors, officers or agents. SNOW REMOVAL The caretaker will plow the parking area after a heavy snowfall (3-4 inches). Be prepared to move cars to facilitate the plowing. The persons staying at the lodge will have to shovel the decks and steps in front and on the side of the lodge. Also, snow will have to be cleared from the walkways leading to the parking lot, the garage, the emergency fire exits off the utility room and the windows from lower levels by using the snow blower and/or shovels, which are stored in the garage. PETS No pets are allowed at the lodge. QUESTIONS If you have any questions or problems, please consult with the Host/Hostess. They are there to assist you, if needed. RESPONSIBILITIES OF WEEKEND HOST/HOSTESS The weekend Host/Hostess shall be responsible for the operations and orderliness of the lodge. He/she may designate members and/or guests to do whatever chores necessary to carry out these functions. GENERAL Confirm (or have done) that all emergency exits are cleared of snow. This includes all windows from lower level and door to sprinkler room. FRIDAY 1. During the winter, check that the thermostats have been turned up in dining room and room 10, 11, 12. During the summer, plug in the dehumidifier, if needed, in downstairs recreation room. 2. Remind everyone to sign in. Put up a new list if needed; lists are on the desk in the dining room. 3. Plug in refrigerator and freezer in utility room, if they are unplugged. 4. Turn off all lights except one in the entrance hall. 5. Check that the key is hidden in its usual place, so late arrivals can get in. SATURDAY 1. Everyone is responsible to see that the dining room and kitchen are kept tidy after all meals. 2. Make sure that the sauna is turned on at 3:30 PM; ladies' hour is from 5-6 PM, and gentlemen's hour 6-7 PM. Procedures for sauna, water-on-and-off are in the Lodge Manual in the dining room. Make sure the sauna and water is turned off afterwards. 3. Please repeat steps 4 and 5 above. SUNDAY 1. Everyone should take their leftovers with them upon departure. 2. Everyone is responsible for placing garbage bags in the shed. 3. Everyone is responsible for placing dirty linen in the shed. 4. Remind everybody to fill in the sign-in-out list. 5. Before leaving (can be delegated):
    • check that the key is hidden in its usual place
    • check that the sauna water and light is turned off
    • check that the light is off in all rooms and all thermostats set at 45°F-50°F.
    • check that all doors and windows are locked (garage door, wax room and sauna, room #12, dining room, sitting room and front door)
      SAUNA The sauna is located in the building housing the garage and the waxing room. The dressing room has a base board heating unit regulated by a thermostat in the room. The sauna heating unit is regulated by a timer in the dressing room. Turn on sauna and dressing room thermostats simultaneously and close ventilation window inside sauna. The sauna timer will turn on the heat for one hour only, after which it has to be reset. When the sauna timer is reset after the first hour, water for the showers can be turned on by opening the water faucets (one for cold and the other for hot water) located in the ceiling in the utility room on the lower level of the lodge next to room #7. But first make sure that the drainage faucets adjoining the water faucets are closed. The last person to leave the sauna must notify that the sauna is now ready for draining of the water. The Host/Hostess, or the person he/she delegates, must drain the water from the pipes serving the showers. Follow the procedures shown below: 1. Turn off the water by closing the appropriate faucets in the utility room. 2. Place the water bucket under the drainage faucets in the same room and open these faucets. 3. Get the sauna key, proceed to the sauna dressing room and briefly open the shower faucets and faucet by the floor in dressing room to provide air facilitating the drainage, close the faucets, turn off the thermostat and lights, lock the door, return to the lodge and put away the key. 4. Go to the utility room, close the drainage faucets, empty the water bucket in one of the toilets, and return it to the utility room. It is imperative that the water be drained so as to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting! POWER FAILURE In case of power failure, which may last for up to two hours, the lights will go out, and all electrically operated equipment, incl. the WATER PUMP, will cease to operate. Emergency lights, which are battery powered and strategically located in the lodge, will come on automatically. Now do this: 1. Distribute flash lights and light candles. The former are located in the left upper cabinet in the kitchen hallway, and the latter in the dining room cabinet. Suggest candles be used in the living & dining rooms and the kitchen only. 2. Take somebody with you (to hold the flash light) to the garage, where a gasoline powered generator is located in the far right corner. It starts like an ordinary lawn mower engine. Make sure gas and oil are OK. Push away the metal switch from the spark plug. Engage choke. Pull the rope. Disengage choke gradually after engine starts. 3. Return to the lodge and the downstairs utility room adjoining room #7 (the fire exit). Locate the generator switch below the right circuit breaker box, and turn it upwards as indicated, this action will provide power to the water pump only, thereby providing water and, more importantly, preventing frozen pipes. 4. When electricity returns, disengage generator switch and stop the engine in the garage by leaning the metal switch against the spark plug. The emergency lights will switch off and the batteries will be recharged automatically. HEATING SYSTEM The lodge is heated with electricity, and the kwh rate is about 3 times higher during Dec. 1 - March 31 than the rest of the year. Please therefore, reduce the consumption of electricity by turning down the thermostats in rooms # 1-9 and the living room, when you leave for the slopes and cross-country trails in the morning, and turn them back up when you return in the afternoon. The thermostat in the main floor utility room should be turned off when the freezer and refrigerator are plugged in, as the energy generated by the motors is sufficient to keep the room warm. Rooms #10-12 and the dining room have so called heat storage units, which are heated automatically during the night, when rates are low. During the day, the accumulated heat radiates from the heating units, keeping the rooms warm. Set the thermostat dial for the temperature desired during the night. The square button on the right side of the thermostat turns on & off fans in the morning, and turn them off after about 15 minutes. If the fans are not turned off, the heat stored in the units will dissipate, and no new heat will become available until around 10 PM. During periods of extremely cold weather, turn the wheel in the upper right corner of the heating units to 3. Under normal conditions, a setting in the 1 1/2 - 2 range is quite sufficient. Another heating alternative is the dining room stove. The firewood is stored along the stone wall south of the house. During the summer, the heat storage units should be inactivated by turning off the circuit breaker marked "Furnace" in the laundry. FIRE ALARM PROCEDURE The lodge has a sophisticated fire alarm system for the safety of the guests. When the alarm goes off, do this: 1. Find out where the fire is. Ask able persons to use fire extinguishers to try to put out the fire. Fire extinguishers are located at marked places all through the house. 2. Ask somebody to call the fire department, phone: 824-3166 3. Ask the guests to evacuate the building and assemble in the parking lot or, if necessary, in the cars. 4. If there was a false alarm, take the fire control panel key on the inside of the door to the left wall cabinet in the kitchen hallway. 5. Unlock door to control panel (turn key to the right and open door). 6. Locate switches on black panel in the upper right corner of the green circuit board. 7. Press down #1 toward "silence" to stop the sound of the alarm. 8. Push down #4 to reset the alarm. TEST THE FIRE ALARM WHEN YOU ARRIVE 1. Follow the procedure as per 4, 5 & 6 above. 2. Push "Battery/Bell" test button down (button #2 on drawing). The alarm goes off indicating that the system works. 3. Push "Lamp" test button down (#3 on the drawing). All indicator lamps should light up to show that the system is OK. FIRE DRILL It may be useful to explain to guests from time-to-time how the system works and sounds. Choose a suitable time e.g. before cocktails on Saturday. Make sure you know how many people are in the lodge, particularly during the night.

Skibo Maintenance List

Skibo is maintained by members who contribute their time and skills to keeping the lodge comfortable and in working order. Matt Connery, our Trustee, has dedicated countless hours to its preservation. Any maintenance concerns should be communicated via email to him. Below is a current list of fixes and improvements on the club's "to-do" list. If you are able to assist with any of the improvements, please let him know. Please note: no one should do any electrical work unless they have an electricians license - otherwise our insurance will be voided.