Bylaws of the Swedish Ski Club

Established in January 1970
As amended October 22, 1974
As amended April 06, 1976
As amended June 04, 1977
As amended June 03, 1983
As amended October 23, 1985
As amended October 14, 1987
As amended June 6, 1993
As amended October, 2007
As amended June, 2010

Section 1 The name of the Club shall be the Swedish Ski Club, Inc. hereinafter called the "Club" Section 2 The purpose of the Club shall be to support and promote skiing in all its forms, recreational and competitive, for all its members, and to endeavor to maintain a common lodging facility for the members in the North Eastern United States.

Section 1. Not less than three membership meetings of the Club shall be held each year. At least one of these meetings must be designated as a business meeting, which shall be the Annual Meeting to be held in October. Other membership meetings shall be held on such dates as the Board of Directors shall decide. Meetings, other than business meetings, may be of a social character and may be intended primarily for the education and/or enjoyment of members.

Section 2, Additional business meetings may be called by the Board of Directors when deemed desirable. Such meetings may also be called, by written request directed to the President, by ten members in good standing.

Section 3. Twelve percent of members in personal attendance shall constitute quorum at a business meeting. Proxies may be sent to the President prior to such a meeting. When the vote is called the proxies will be identified and voted.

Section 1. The Club has six kinds of memberships, Regular Member, Family Membership, Honorary Member, Honorary Life Member, Supporting Member and Absentee Member. Regular Membership and Family Membership are open to all persons interested in skiing.  Applicants for membership must submit an application in writing to the Membership Chairman.  Applicant must be sponsored by at least two members. The acceptance of an application requires the affirmative vote of all members attending a Board Meeting to which the applicant has been submitted. Honorary Membership and/or Honorary Life Membership require the written application by a member in good standing, unanimous approval by the Board of Directors and a majority vote by the members present at the next business meeting of the Club. Any Regular Member or Family Member may convert to Supporting Membership by written notice to the Membership Chairman. A member may convert to Absentee Membership by written notice to the Membership Chairman, if he or she relocates to a place outside the Club's geographic area of operations. It shall be in the discretion of the Board of Directors to determine what constitutes such an area. An Absentee Member may recover his or her previous Membership in the Club, if and when he/she returns to the Club's area of operation.

Section 2. An Honorary Member pays no dues and has full privileges except he cannot vote. An Honorary Life Member pays no dues and has full privileges. Regular Members, one vote for each member and full privileges. Family Membership, two votes and full privileges for all members of the family. Supporting Members have one vote per member and full privileges. They pay lower annual dues and higher room charges at the Club lodge (Skibo) than those paid by regular members. Absentee Members have no vote and no other Club privileges, except the right to recover their previous membership status without paying an initiation fee. They pay much lower annual dues.

Section 3. Dues and due dates shall be determined each year by the Board of Directors and approved by a membership Meeting, through a majority vote. They shall then be announced to all members at least 30 days prior to the due date(s) chosen each year.

Section 4. The Club may accept donations from individuals or organizations.  Donors have no membership privileges, except they will be advised about, and invited to, social Club activities.

Section 5. The fiscal year shall commence on June 1 and shall end on May 31. Dues for each fiscal year must be paid by the due date, but no later than December 15 in order for a member to remain in good standing, to have the right to the floor, to vote and to enjoy other privileges of the Club. The Board may, if it deems it desirable, extend this date but not later than to May 31. In its discretion, the Board may apply a late fee to dues paid after the due date. The Board shall also establish a date following which a member, in arrears in payment of dues, will automatically cease to be a member.

Section 6. The Club shall maintain an affiliated status with such recognized ski associations, as the Board deems desirable.

Section 1. All officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall consist of President, Membership Chairman, Program Chairman, Recording Secretary, Communication Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Reservation Chairman, Trustee, Alpine Racing Chairman and Nordic Racing Chairman. The Board shall appoint any one of the officers, other than the President, to serve as 1st Vice President or 2nd Vice President. These elected officials shall also constitute the Club's Board of Directors. In its discretion, the Board may change the responsibility of the officers. The Board may propose a different number of officers to be nominated and elected at the Annual Meeting, or any other business meeting of the Club. However, the total number of Board members shall not exceed thirteen nor be less than nine. The Board may also, if it deems it desirable, appoint a Historian, who shall not be a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall meet not less than six times a year.

Section 2. The Board of Directors is responsible for the conduct of the business of the Club and shall formulate and decide upon new policies in the best interest of the members. Fifty percent of the members of the Board shall constitute quorum and their presence shall be required for the Board to make any decisions. All decisions, except for membership applications, shall be made by simple majority vote of the Board members, present. It shall be possible for a Board member to be considered present at a Board meeting via conference call or other technology, deemed acceptable by the Board.

Section 1. All officers are accountable to the Board of Directors Each Board member may appoint Club members to form action committees, to assist the Board member in the performance of his or her duties. The President shall conduct all business at Board Meetings, as Chairman of the Meeting, under the code of Parliamentary Procedure or Robert's Rules of Order. In the absence of the President, the highest ranking Vice President shall act in his place.

Section 2. The President shall arrange Board meetings and membership business meetings. At least twenty days notice of business meetings shall be provided to the members. The notice shall include a proposed agenda, which shall include an item allowing members to bbring up isssues for discussions. The President shall appoint a nominating committee with responsibility to nominate a slate of officers, and at least one auditor, to be considered for election at the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, the President shall submit a written report concerning the state of the Club, and highlights of major events of the previous year. Other Board members may, but are not required to, submit such reports relating to their respective areas of responsibility.

Section 3. The Membership Chairman shall receive all membership applications to join the Club and shall manage the application process. He/she shall provide needed information to the Board of Directors concerning such applications. This officer shall also take steps to locate new members in order for the Club, at all times, to have a sufficient number of members to meet its financial responsibilities.

Section 4. The Program Chairman shall act as the Club's Master of Ceremony and shall organize the Club's general Membership Meetings in accordance with directions of the Board.

Section 5. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Board and Membership Meetings and keep all records accurate and up to date.

Section 6. The Communications Secretary shall take care of membership mailings and other correspondence, as required. This officer shall also design, at the Board's direction, and maintain the Club's website.

Section 7. The Treasurer shall collect membership dues and, with the approval of the Board, pay the Club's bank and bond loans, capital improvements or repairs at the Club's lodge and other major expenses. He may on his own pay minor bills such as for lift tickets, etc. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the Club's finances and submit a written report of the financial status of the Club at the Annual Meeting.

Section 8. The Assistant Treasurer shall pay such bills as directed by the Treasurer and otherwise assist the Treasurer in the performance of his/her duties.

Section 9. The Reservation Chairman shall handle the bookings of rooms and beds at the Club's lodge, collect reservation and lodging fees, and handle the funds received in accordance with instructions issued from time to time by the treasurer.

Section 10. The Trustee is responsible for the maintenance of the Club’s lodge, Skibo, and shall, on a regular basis, inspect Skibo to determine repairs or improvements, which may be necessary or desirable. He shall keep the Board of Directors continuously informed of the conditions and needs of Skibo and seek the Board’s approval of expenditures resulting from actions the Trustee deems needed.

Section 11. It shall be the duty of the Alpine and Nordic Chairmen to arrange at least one race intended for members of the Club each ski season. In addition, they shall assist and promote the Club members in other skiing activities, including the participation in races arranged by third parties. The Nordic Chairman is also responsible for the development and maintenance of suitable cross-country ski trails, to the extent possible with the resources available to the Club.

Section 1. The funds of the Club shall be used as indicated in Article V, Sections 7 and 8 and for any other purpose consistent with the aims of the Club and as approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Club may be dissolved by a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors, subsequently approved by a two-thirds majority vote by the members present at a Business Meeting In case of such dissolution, the Board of Directors shall designate a Swedish-American Charity to receive all assets of the Club, remaining after paying the Club’s obligations to members or third parties.

Section 1. Any member collecting funds for the Club must account for such funds within three months. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of trust and will make such member subject to legal action.

Section 2. At least one auditor shall be elected annually, and this person cannot be a member of the Board of Directors.

Section 1. Through unanimous vote at two successive Board Meetings, the Board may terminate the membership of a member whose behavior has consistently been in violation of Club rules, as indicated in the Bylaws or adopted by the Board of Directors. In the event an Officer is under consideration for termination, such officer may not vote in the matter.

Section 1. Any amendment of the By-laws shall require unanimous adoption by the Board of Directors, and the subsequent approval by a majority vote of members, in good standing, present at a Business Meeting. Any business meeting shall require twenty days prior notice to all members by mail or e-mail. In addition, if such a meeting is called for the purpose of considering amendments of the Bylaws, the notice shall include an explanation of any amendment of significance to be submitted for discussion and decision at the meeting.